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Orcabits Mission, Vision and Values

Orcabits Values

Teamwork we do

Teamwork we do

The era of innovation refined Orcabits members to think, act and make decisions as a team. We believe that teamwork is the only way to reach the summit of success.
Ethics We Insure

Ethics We Insure

One of our biggest goals is to guarantee the best job satisfaction for our teams, trust is a must, and that is why we ensure ethical acts in our company.
Manners we keep

Manners we keep

The development of a company can be successful if the employees are used to working in harmony and have the same goals. Because of the common vision, the company can reach its goals.
Solutions we provide

Solutions we provide

Challenges keep us going, with hard work and consistency, we commit ourselves to providing smart, innovative, and reliable solutions.

Satisfaction we seek

Satisfaction we seek

Our goal is to gain real time customer satisfaction that relies on real experiences. We want you to explore the cases that we worked on, contact us, and make your decision
Combined our values

Combined our values

We take huge pride in our values, they are the base contributor to delivering world class solutions and products, take the chance and approach us, it’s a guaranteed opportunity.

Our Mission

Our mission at Orcabits is to give businesses and customers professional software solutions on time with pride, trustworthiness, and originality.

Orcabits Vision

Living in a world that changes fastly, we provide digital solutions in a short matter of time. Our strategy is growth and flexibility, and it depends on real data analysis. With our top of the line teams, we build the optimum solutions that meet your needs with transparency and trust.
Our Vision

Our best services for your business development

Orcabits is dedicated to delivering high quality services products, from the idea inspection to its development and deployment. We provide the following:


Landing pages design and and Web Applications Including SASS, B2B and B2C

Mobile Application

Including UI Design and Building Backends for mobile Applications


Cloud consultations, solutions, and management.

Digital Marketing

Owning a good digital product is not enough with the increase of competitors. At Orcabits we know that everyone is rushing to have web based products. So, will it make your product special?

The answer is a good digital marketing team that will support you and your product at every stage of development.

Check our list of digital marketing services that we offer at Orcabits:


In Orcabits, we write high quality content for your website

Search Engine Optimization

We have the best analysis specialists to boost your organic reach on the web

Social Media Marketing

We use the most advanced plans for digital marketing your products

Email Campaigns

We use the best mail campaigns platform to serve your email campaigns


We have a branding package that includes everything starting from the logo design to development and ends with the digital marketing 


We have a great team that can enhance and develop your website UI & UX.

Let us help you to grow your business

With Orcabits Company you are in Safe hands

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About us

We are one of the best software companies in Egypt that provide web designs, web development and mobile applications development. We also do branding and business solutions including B2B (Business to Business) solutions and B2C (Business to Customer) solutions.

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